White Backgammon




Backgammon - White

The Classic.....  simplicity at it's best with an off white, barn red and gold...

over-sized at 19 x 28"



Backgammon - Black

Backgammon - Black

The Classic.....  black, barn red and gold...

over-sized at 19 x 28"



Backgammon - Red



Backgammon - Red

The Classic... in barn red, gold and black

19 x 28"



Capture The Flag Backgammon

backgammon - Capture The Flag

This design caught my eye, and I kept coming back to it until I was able to sit and study and has 'something' that keeps bringing me back and loving it in endless groupings of other pieces...

I wasn't able to find a 'date' of the original piece that this was based on, so i like to say in those cases, that it would be the early 1900's at the latest.

19" x 28"


limited edition of 10 pieces -retired



Green Backgammon With Suns



Backgammon - Green

Full of lots of energy and that wonderful green.... a classic design

19 x 28"  c.1930



The Castle Backgammon


backgammon - The Castle

I'm not sure if this is a backgammon or mill game pattern.... but it reminded me of castles

19" x 19"