should you buy on-line?

I realize that it is sometimes difficult to place an order on-line without ever seeing and touching a product.  I thought I could share some of my client's comments along with some information about my game boards to bring you peace of mind when ordering. 

Each game board has a nice weight to it because it is constructed of Baltic birch and poplar woods.  These are higher quality woods and are expensive compared to the lightweight pine.  Creating each piece is a 9 step process over a 3 week period of time.  Each step is timely and often the weather is what predicts the final drying time that is needed.  An  undercoat of paint is applied so that when sanded you will see layers of depth instead of the piece appearing flat.  Also, no stencils are ever used.  No two are identical - that would be impossible since each piece is entirely handcrafted.

You can read more about my work in the "About" section above.  I feel with Country Living Magazine backing my work and honoring me as their 29th Guild Member, as well as, Early American Life selecting me as one of America's Best and listed in the Directory of Traditional American Crafts - you can be assured that you will be receiving the highest quality of work from my studio made only by me.




Hi Diane,    What a pleasant surprise to find that big box on my steps yesterday!  I never thought you would have this done so soon.  I thought maybe at the end of June.  I know how busy you are.  What a thrill to open that box and smell the paint!  (or varnish?)  I LOVE it!  Wish I could express what I'm feeling in my heart with words.  Lots of feelings and emotions!  I can't believe you created this beautiful work of art for me.  Part of me feels guilty for asking you to alter your work, but the other part loves how it looks!!  When I saw the back, I was stunned!  You didn't have to put my name on it!  What an honor! I don't know how you let your creations go.  I think of all the hours you spend with a piece, and then I think of you wrapping it up to send off to someone.  I'd want to keep them all!  I just want you to know how much I appreciate your artistry, and you as a person.  You're very special!  Thank you so much. There ARE no words...Take care    Sue


Hi Diane,

I was out of town today and had a wonderful surprise when I arrived home. I absolutely love my boards. I can’t thank you enough. My new hobby is going to be collecting your artwork!!!

Thank you so much,



Thank you so much!!!   We both love our new board.  What a nice way to start the weekend.   Hope all is well with you and your family. All the best to you 




Both pieces are absolutely gorgeous and I love them!  Thank you so much for your beautiful work : )





Even better in person. Thanks so much. 




Hi Diane,

The Amish Clothesline was a hit!  It was very nice working with you. Thank you!



They’re here, they’re here, they’re here!!!!!

AND THEY’RE AS WONDERFUL AS I HOPED THEY’D BE!🤗😍❤️ Thank you for all your hard, masterful work on them.

I was going to take them to our storage unit, unpack them and adore them there for awhile. Couldn’t wait. Unpacked them here, fell in love.  My new babies are safe and sound right here with me!☺️ It was great workout hauling them upstairs too! No need for the gym today! Ha!

Thanks a million!💕💕💕

Hi Diane,
The Game Board came today and it gorgeous.  I love the colors.  You need to do more using some of those colors.
Thanks so much and when I get it hung, I’ll send pictures.  
Thanks again.  It’s just gorgeous.  Keep me posted of any new ones you do.

Much love,  Dottie

Hi Diane,

The board came and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much!


Hi Diane,

The board arrived today and it is stunning!  I think I am going to take you on a tour of where your boards are located in my home - I will work on this when I have this latest one hung. They are spread out, I have so many!!!

I absolutely love it!!!  Thank you!!

XO  Sallie