Bulls Eye...

Certainly a favorite for everyone - shown in Country Living Magazine

19" diameter - terracotta ring



Wheel of Fortune...

Reproduction piece based on a 1937 dart board signed by G. Yeager....the lines through the center were to "look like wires" - auctioned for $4,500.

this is a limited edition of 10 pieces and then it will be retired

2 available at this time - 19"x 19"


gold, off white, red and black



Game of Chance...

19" x 19"

limited edition of 10 pieces

(only 1 available)




Bulls-Eye with a Blue Ring...

19" diameter



Wagon Wheel...

Reproduction piece based on a design from the late 1800's.  I am not sure what the game was for this design so I've listed it as a dart board and a penny pitch.  The original piece was auctioned for $30,750.

19"x 19" 

limited edition of 10 pieces - 3 available at this time


bright red, gold, yellow, navy and black


The Big Top...

This is the first piece in the new circus series

"The Big Top"

19" diameter - (dart board or penny pitch)


limited edition of 10 pieces, then retired - 3 available

(if you would like to read about the inspiration behind this piece, please go to my blog 3/8/13)   dianeallisonblog.blogspot.com