Grouping With Color & Design...


Game boards add a wonderful design element to your home by adding color and graphics.   They are able to blend with other furnishings or add accents of color to what would otherwise be a dark area in your home.  A grouping of game boards can change the mood of an entire room, whether it's to add a depth of drama using dark colors or creating a lively upbeat feel with the bolder colors.  Both showcase your unique style with added historical influences.

Think of game boards in place of paintings.  A single game board can have a simple impact where you may instead have a painting.  A grouping of boards could easily take the place of a larger painting or mirror but often add more design elements of color and graphics.

I have added this page to help you become aware of what is pulling you in.  Is it bright colors, softer colors, bold designs or complicated designs?  I feel in a short time of looking at some of the example groupings you will begin to see what colors are the most appealing to you.  What colors work with what you have in your home, how does each color group makes you feel?  This is the beginning of your design and you can build from there.  

If you are a collector of game boards, I have found that they easily can be moved from room to room.  If you have a large display and then redecorate years later you can break them down into smaller groupings or use individually.  I have done this for many years.  I believe my German checker board has visited every room in my home.  I love to have the option to do this.  You can also lean them against a wall on the floor or on a table top,  (a popular way of layering art today).

I am happy to work with you based on the size of a wall, colors in your room or your decorating style.  It's never a problem to have you call me or email me so we can put our heads together to create the look that you are imagining.  

If you find yourself loving a design, but not the color - I can adjust that for you.  I'm always happy to work on Commission pieces for you to help make your vision complete. I rarely charge more for changing of colors.

I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.
— Elsie de Wolfe