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game board Designs that are immediately available

It’s seldom that I have designs readily available to send to you immediately….so I’m happy to add the pieces below for your view. Many pieces do work well together if you are thinking of creating a grouping of game boards in your home.

If you see a piece that you can't resist having or you would like to give as a special gift, simply reply to my email address below and I will joyfully send it to you. You can also connect with me by using the button - “ship today” - shown below each game board description which will then take you to an Order Form.



Threads Through Time Parcheesi


Reproduction - Original design 1880’s

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10


Colors: bright red, black, eggplant, light green, latte, sandstone, barn red and blue - white lines painted with oils to create web design.

Red Rider Dart Board

Red Rider Dart Board

RED RIDER dart board

Limited Edition of 10

Design based on an old game board dated 1875.

I like the idea of it being an old Fair Shooting Game, therefore, Red Rider.

19” x 19”


6 Available

brighter red, latte, deep blue, silver

Gypsy Penny Pitch

Gypsy Penny Pitch

Gypsy penny pitch

Everyone's favorite.

bright and fun, but of course toned down for warmth

original design based on an old fair wheel

19" diameter



Circus Tent Checker Board

circus tent checker board

This piece….was one of my favorite challenges. The original piece was dated to the late 1800’s. But that is all of the information that was available to me. It was very difficult to photograph the true colors of this piece - where the red is bright, it’s actually a bit softer. By my eye, since I mixed this shade, it takes on a deep rich and yummy red/deep pink. I’m happy to send you more pictures if you are interested in ordering this piece but are feeling unsure. It was just a difficult color to capture by the camera.

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10


Colors: burnt sienna, two blues, oyster white, a toned down bright red

The Circus Tent came to mind while painting this piece. The billowiness of the wind pushing movement into the tent. It is my new favorite piece.


Kick The Can Parcheesi

kick the can parcheesi

I love the intensity of this piece - every room needs a hint of black to ground your other pieces, patterns and designs.

19 x 19" 


Colors: Black, off white and a gray

(Currently this design is also being used on film set by Warner Brothers)


German Checker Board Perception

perception German checker board

I love the word “perception”….as I get older I see that everything is truly how we perceive it to be, as in this piece, looking at the bottom edges from this angle or that angle you are led to two different views.

Over-sized Checker Board - Original piece was actual inlaid wood on the ends. I would think the original piece was dated close to 1930’s or the turn of the century. It is a warm and cozy piece that stands well alone or with other pieces.

19” x 28”

Limited Edition of 10


Colors: golden brown, latte, burnt sienna and a spice tan


Where’s Waldo Parcheesi

wheres waldo book.jpg

I absolutely loved the complicated design, however, using only three colors it somehow simplified the design to the eye....but trying to decide on a name eluded me, for the name usually comes to me during the painting of a piece. 

So I called on Eli....running down the stairs he takes less than a minute to view and says...."Where's Waldo".... then runs back up the stairs...

perfect....a perfect name to remind me of all the times we searched for Waldo in so many books while he was growing up....

where’s waldo Parcheesi

based on a design from the early 1800's
19" x 19"
limited edition of 10 - 2 available


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