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Designs that are immediately available….

It’s seldom that I have designs readily available to send to you immediately….so I’m happy to add the pieces below for your view. Many pieces do work well together if you are thinking of creating a grouping of game boards in your home.

If you see a piece that you can't resist having or you would like to give as a special gift, simply reply to my email address below and I will joyfully send it to you. You can also connect with me by using the button - “ship today” - shown below each game board description which will then take you to an Order Form.




Such a fun piece - Reproduction 1880's

limited edition of 10 pieces

(6 available at this time)

19" x 19"


I loved the colors and design, bold but simple....

red, white, yellow and green


the reader

19" x 19"

Limited Edition Piece of 10

(6 remaining)


Colors of :  Georgia clay, spice tan, sienna, sandstone, eggplant, blue sea, Sante Fe rose and midnight blue
(the 'Georgia clay' color is not a bright is a warm tone)

This Parcheesi piece is based on a game board pattern from the late 1800's.  The original piece was auctioned for $15,990.  I love this board.....I loved it the first time that I saw this pattern that was well over 100 years old.

(Currently this design is being used on film set by Warner Brothers)

This piece reminded me of a library, stacked with books and books and even more books....with comfortable places around the edges of the building to sit and read and ponder....and in the center is where you can go for much needed lucky one is to work at a library.

My colors were very similar to the original but I wanted to create a piece that was forever timeless by adding a story on how this piece friend posted on Facebook, a study of the 'main colors' used in specific movies....I ran with that idea, thinking it would give me the creative ability to cross a design into different centuries. 

Maybe this is why I love this piece so much, the combining of centuries as books often do.  So that is where 'the reader' came from....a reader is a time traveler searching out destinations.


circus tent

This piece….was my favorite challenge of this season. The original piece was dated to the late 1800’s. But that is all of the information that was available to me. It was very difficult to photograph the true colors of this piece - where the red is bright, it’s actually a bit softer. By my eye, since I mixed this shade, it takes on a deep rich and yummy red/deep pink. I’m happy to send you more pictures if you are interested in ordering this piece but are feeling unsure. It was just an impossible color to capture by the camera. But I always say….never give up!

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10

$285.00 (Price will increase to $285.00)

Colors: burnt sienna, two blues, oyster white, a toned down bright red

The Circus Tent came to mind while painting this piece. The billowiness of the wind pushing movement into the tent. It is my new favorite piece.

Can you see a bit of pink tone in the picture above? I will admit that I often see colors that others don’t though.


county fair

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10


I love the colors of this piece - they bring a warm simplicity. The original piece was dated to the late 1800’s and was recently auctioned for $9,840.

Colors: bright red, golden brown (yummy), white and black

Many of you know I love the fairs and the circus. I love the history, the colors and the people. When this piece was completed, we (hubby and I), thought it reminded us of the small county fair. I have gone to so many of these small fairs throughout my life; as a child, and then taking children. The smells and colors are magnificent!


kick the can

I love the intensity of this piece - every room needs a hint of black to ground your other pieces, patterns and designs.

19 x 19" 


Colors: Black, off white and a gray

(Currently this design is being used on film set by Warner Brothers)

kick the can kids playing.jpg

In the deep dark of summer….came kick the can. Little to big ones gathered in the street waiting to hear the signal. The kick of a can bouncing and scraping on the pavement. The Game Has Begun. Hunched and hurried I would run as fast as I could to find the safest hiding place, hidden quiet, heart beating for all to hear. My heavy breathing held quiet by my hands over my mouth. I was frozen. I would listen. Listen for muffled footsteps hoping to hear the sound of the rolling can first. Then. I could breath again.

starry night in tx.jpg

texas star

This piece is inspired by Texas and cowboys. Wonderfully cheerful but subdued. I normally do not create boards from the 1900’s, but of course being partially a Texan myself, I couldn’t possibly resist. Original Chinese Checker piece was created in the 1930’s.

19" x 19"


Colors: antique gold, barn red, terracotta, bit of orange marmalade, blues and greens.



Penny Pitch

Everyone's favorite.

Bright and fun, but of course toned down for warmth

Original design based on an old fair wheel

19" diameter



The Gypsy that I have for immediate shipment has a crack running through a segment of the board. I myself, LOVED this, for the reason that it makes it look older and time worn. You will often find me using a piece of wood that has a chip or another ‘imperfection’. I love these imperfections, after all, this piece of wood came from far away Russia, just to get into my hands. If you love Gypsy, and want to order one without a crack, please just let me know - I’m always happy to paint another.

through the looking glass alice 1.jpg


I love the word “perception”….as I get older I see that everything is truly how we perceive it to be, as in this piece, looking at the bottom edges from this angle or that angle you are led to two different views.

Over-sized Checker Board - Original piece was actual inlaid wood on the ends. I would think the original piece was dated close to 1930’s or the turn of the century. It is a warm and cozy piece that stands well alone or with other pieces.

19” x 28”

Limited Edition of 10


Colors: golden brown, latte, burnt sienna and a spice tan



This design is based on a piece from the late 1880's from Canada.  I loved the colors on this piece; shades of blue, terracotta, sienna, yellow and gold.  Many of the colors are layered so you will see other shades when sanded.  The piece is toned down with waxes for warmth.  I'm showing you two photos - one was taken outside on a sunny day and the other in my studio with a medium amount of light.

19" x 28"

Limited Edition of 10 - (2 remaining)


 I think Bountiful is one of the most beautiful words in our language...and I hope that all of your lives are bountiful.  Sunrises - Sunsets, the beginning and the end.  

wheres waldo book.jpg

I absolutely loved the complicated design, however, using only three colors it somehow simplified the design to the eye....but trying to decide on a name eluded me, for the name usually comes to me during the painting of a piece. 

So I called on Eli....running down the stairs he takes less than a minute to view and says...."Where's Waldo".... then runs back up the stairs...

perfect....a perfect name to remind me of all the times we searched for Waldo in so many books while he was growing up....

where’s waldo

based on a design from the early 1800's
19" x 19"
limited edition of 10 - 2 available




When i began this piece it reminded me of our Appalachian mountains - by the time i had finished my sister had sent me an article about "Emma" who had hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1955, all 2,168 miles at that time - at the age of 67.
I named the piece after her because i didn't want to ever forget her strength.

19" x 19"


Limited Edition of 10 

(1 available) - then Retired

colors of sandstone and various foliage shades

Oh how lucky I am to live in this beautiful mountain town….

Oh how lucky I am to live in this beautiful mountain town….