What I love most about the Parcheesi Game Boards is the Movement.  When you look at them they are not only bold but they have a movement about them.  They remind me of miniature quilts. They work so easily displayed on their own but also can add a beautiful mix with other designs.  


Threads Through Time Parcheesi

parcheesi - Threads Through Time

Reproduction - Original design 1880’s

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10


Colors: bright red, black, eggplant, light green, latte, sandstone, barn red and blue - white lines painted with oils to create web design.


Farmland Parcheesi

parcheesi - FARMLAND

Reproduction - Original design early 1900’s

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10


Colors: bright red, straw, spice tan, dark forest, medium green and a small touch of eggplant in center square

My grandparents, on both sides, lived a farm life in Iowa. I don’t remember that much about the farms growing up, only that the soil was dark black and the cornfields were far over my head and fun to run through. Just a smidgen do I remember, but I hold on tight to the memory.


County Fair Parcheesi

parcheesi - COUNTY FAIR

19” x 19”

Limited Edition of 10


I love the colors of this piece - they bring a warm simplicity. The original piece was dated to the late 1800’s and was recently auctioned for $9,840.

Colors: bright red, golden brown (yummy), white and black


Eclipse Parcheesi

parcheesi - Eclipse

19" x 19"

Reproduction - Based on a design from 1900

Limited Edition of 10 - (4 available at this time)


Most of my reproduction pieces date back to the 1800's.  But I couldn't resist this design. The name itself "Eclipse" is what came to mind while painting....The moon and its many phases dancing with the sun...
pretty shades of blue, warm browns and a bit of terracotta sunshine...It carries a very warm and cozy feeling.


Glory Parcheesi

parcheesi - Glory

I loved the pizazzzz of this piece for there is nothing subtle about stands well with a grouping or all by itself.   
Very Americana.

Limited Edition of 10

19" x 19"


3 available at this time

colors of gold, barn red and a nice medium blue


Gee's Bend Quilt Game Board Design Lucy

parcheesi - Lucy

# 10 in the Gee's Bend Inspired Game Board Series

19" x 19"

Limited Edition of 10


15 colors

Design inspired by a quilt created by Lucy Pettway from Gee's Bend Alabama.  If you would like to read more about this piece and Lucy please visit my Gee's Bend page.


The Reader Parcheesi

parcheesi - The Reader

19" x 19"

Limited Edition of 10

(4 available at this time)


This piece is based on a design from the mid 1800's.  It reminded me of my oldest son, Davey, and how he surrounds himself with books.  The colors I used are similar to the original but i wanted to design this piece with my own palette.

Colors are georgia clay, spice tan, sienna, sandstone, eggplant, blue sea, sante fe rose and midnight blue the (georgia clay is a warm color)

(Design currently on film set with Warner Brothers)


Parcheesi Where's Waldo

parcheesi - Where's Waldo

I loved this complicated design from the 1800' using only 3 colors it becomes simpler to the eye.  But trying to decide on a name eluded me, for the name usually comes to me during the painting of a piece. 

So I called on Eli....running down the stairs he takes less than a minute to view and says...."Where's Waldo".... then runs back up the stairs...

perfect....a perfect name to remind me of all the times we searched for Waldo in so many books while he was growing up....

19" x 19"

limited edition of 10 - (two available)


colors:  bright red, sandstone and midnight blue


Parcheesi Little Boy Dreams

parcheesi - Little Boy Dreams

The moment I saw this antique board I loved it...(dated 1870-1880)
I loved the warmth with the pop of the I was painting all I could think of were little boys, little boys and their dreams of outer space wrapped in cozy flannel sheets....



Limited Edition of 10

(4 available at this time)

colors of sandstone, midnight blue, pumpkins and a warm umber


I Wish I May I Wish I Might Parcheesi

parcheesi - I Wish I May I Wish I Might

I love this new reminds me of going out to find the very first star during the different seasons....


limited edition of 10


2 available at this time

the warmest of colors:  deep green, red, rose, yellow, terracotta, black and a warm brown...


Parcheesi Nothing But Blue Skies

parcheesi - Nothing But Blue Skies

Such a simple design with colors that you would never think would work well together..

Limited Edition of 10

 (3 available at this time)

Reproduction - date unknown

19" x 19"

barn red, forest green and olive yellow, add some straw and eggplant and a shade of teal - the coloration is really quite impressive and i'm still somewhat surprised....


My Winter Hearth Parcheesi

Parcheesi - My Winter Hearth

As winter makes it's way I felt that this piece showed what it is like for "Izzy", my Mountain Feist, in my studio....surrounded by the snow outside and cuddled up to the hearth as I paint.  It's close to a Norman Rockwell.  It really is a beautiful piece.

Limited Edition of 10

19" x 19"

(5 available at this time)


warm and cozy red, darker blue, sandstone and a shade of taupe.


Give Me Shelter Parcheesi

parcheesi - Give Me Shelter

This design is based on a drawing of an old game board - somewhat - after nearly a day of drawing this pattern I began to feel that it was my very own log cabin - a bit of a log cabin quilt (always one of my favorites) to adding some wood for strength.  The name then came as it often does....

Limited Edition of 10

(3 available at this time)

19"x 28"


colors of sandstone, golden brown, gold, brighter red and a touch of blue


Before Me Parcheesi

parcheesi - Before Me

Another favorite both visually and personally.

19 x 19"  c. 1880

Dedicated to my ancestors

Poem that attaches to piece has been published

colors of eggplant, black, barn red, gold.  flower petals are of many colors.



Signs of Spring Parcheesi

parcheesi - Signs of Spring

Living in the Appalachian Mountains we search out signs of Spring.  It usually has been a long hard winter.

19"x 19"

Limited edition of 10

(4 are available at this time)

based on a design from the late 1800's


colors of off white, foliage green, burnt sienna, olive yellow and black


Kids Play Parcheesi

parcheesi - Kid's Play

Such a fun piece - Reproduction 1880's

limited edition of 10 pieces

(4 available at this time)

19" x 19"


I loved the colors and design, bold but simple....

red, white, yellow and green


Amish ClotheslineParcheesi

parcheesi - Amish Clothesline

The colors of this design brought back to me the times I drove through Indiana and would see the Amish clothesline full of color.

Reproduction piece based on a pattern from the 1930's

limited edition of 10 pieces

4 available at this time




Summer Daze Parcheesi


parcheesi - Summer Daze (Large)

This pieced is based on an antique design - which I feel to be the late 1800's.  

19" x 28" over-sized piece - $285.00

Limited Edition of 10 before retired

5 available of either size at this time

19” x 19” - $245.00

stands well on it's own or in grouping, colors of a warm golden brown, green, off white, gold and red


Shades of Summer Parcheesi

Parcheesi - Shades of Summer

A very deep feeling piece of summer; shades of pink, golden yellow, dark green, black and olive yellow - a very dressy piece due to it's depth...based on a piece dated in the 1800's which was auctioned for $41,825.

19" x 19"

limited edition of 10 pieces


5 available


Dad's Irish Eyes Parcheesi

Parcheesi - Dad's Irish Eyes

An ode to my dad - the Irishman with a litter of daughters...

I especially love this piece - looks great in a mix of other pieces or can stand on its own.

19" x 28" - c. early 1900's


can also be made as the 19" x 19" size - $245.00

limited edition of 10 pieces

(only 4 available)


Dots and Spots Parcheesi



Parcheesi - Dots and Spots

Works great on it's own or mixed with other pieces...

19 x 28"  c. late 1880's


could be canadian

13" x 22" also available - (Carolyn's Dots)  $235.00 


Diamond Parcheesi


Parcheesi - Diamond

A warm mix of red and black and gold

has a touch of blue for you blue lovers

19 x 19" 

c. unknown




Take Comfort Parcheesi

Parcheesi - Take Comfort

I love the terracotta in this piece....olive, gold, black and a brown finish the piece...

I think it would also look pretty if white took the place of green.

over-sized - so it stands well on it's own or can be mixed in with others...

19 x 28"  c. early 1900's

dedicated to dad where i can always find comfort...



Jacks Parcheesi

Parcheesi - Jacks

If you love the mood of warmth, this is the piece for you.

pictures do not do this piece justice

19 x 19"  c. 1880


barn red, terracotta, cream, eggplant and black



Charlie Parcheesi

Parcheesi - Charlie

Over-sized Board - 19" x 28"

In warm shades of terracotta, gold, green, black and off white...

dedicated to my grandfather who spent endless hours on the floor playing games with me...

 A Limited Edition of 35 Pieces, includes both sizes. (12 are available)


Also available in smaller size without the off-white ends -

19" x 19"



Belle Parcheesi Game Board

Parcheesi - Belle

My son chose the name of this piece - "belle the beagle" after our beloved belle who is quite a terror in the studio on some days.  Painted in a warm green, terracotta with a touch of black for punch.

A Limited Edition of 35 Pieces...

19" x 19"


 (6 are available)


Merry Go Round Parcheesi Game Board

Parcheesi - Merry Go Round

This piece is fun and colorful and one of the most difficult to of my favorite pieces...

19 x 19"

c. late 1880's



Ruth Parcheesi Game Board

Parcheesi - Ruth

This piece was made for a dear friend's 80th birthday...

Her favorite colors were used; rose, wedge wood green, blue and gold

& of course her name is 'Ruth'

19" x 28"


limited edition of 25 - (4 are available)

Arrow Parcheesi Game Board

Parcheesi - Arrow

I love the simple graphics of this design

19 x 19"  c. unknown


forest green, white, blue and gold


Mother May I Parcheesi Game Board

Parcheesi - Mother May I

This works well for you navy lovers and lovers of the colorful...

19 x 19" 

circa unknown




Star of Rosalie Parcheesi Game Board

Parcheesi Star of Rosalie

I designed this board for my mother... the colors were chosen for the many quilts that she has made....

19 x 19"

dedicated to my mom



Soft Green Parcheesi Parcheesi Game Board

Soft Green Parcheesi

I love the shade of green of this piece...

a soft green, pale yellow, black and straw

19" x 19"



Playground Parcheesi Game Board

Playground parcheesi

This is my favorite "fun" board

It reminds me of the merry go round at my elementary school as a child.

19" x 19"



Home Sweet Home Parcheesi Game Board

Home Sweet Home parcheesi

for you blue lovers.... a soft piece

19" x 19"


light blue, white, black and a touch of straw


Mary Had A Lamb Parcheesi Game Board

Mary Had A Lamb parcheesi

This piece is dedicated to my friend Mary who helped me learn the finishing process which is used today.

19 x 19"  c. 1880

original found in Pennsylvania



Out West Parcheesi Game Board

Out West - Parcheesi

The game board reminds me of my adventurous drive through the west - from Texas to California and California to Illinois.

19" x 19"



In The Woods Parcheesi Game Board

In The Woods parcheesi

The original reminded me of the woods in my Appalachian mountains

19 x 19" c. 1930



Minnesota Parcheesi Game Board


Minnesota parcheesi

When I was little my parents took me to the lakes in Minnesota

When I saw the original piece - it brought to mind the woods and water by the cabin where we stayed.

over-sized - so works great alone or mixed with others

19 x 28"



Kick The Can Parcheesi Game Board

Kick the Can parcheesi

I love the intensity of this piece - every room needs a hit of black

Especially a great piece to feature in your home around the Halloween holiday mixed with pumpkins.

19 x 19" 


(Currently this design is being used on film set by Warner Brothers)