Penny Pitch Game Board Gypsy


Gypsy penny pitch

Everyone's favorite.

bright and fun, but of course toned down for warmth

original design based on an old fair wheel

19" diameter


Red Rider Penny Pitch

Red Rider Penny Pitch

RED RIDER penny pitch

Limited Edition of 10

Design based on an old game board dated 1875.

I like the idea of it being an old Fair Shooting Game, therefore, Red Rider.

19” x 19”


brighter red, latte, deep blue, silver


Penny Pitch Game Board Red and White


Penny Pitch - Red & White

Great, bold piece - reminds me of a peppermint.

Game is "pitching pennies" - 1900's original date

19" diameter.



The Butterfly Garden Penny Pitch Game Board

The Butterfly Garden penny pitch

Design based on an old fair wheel

19" diameter

limited edition of 10 pieces

(5 available)


yarrow, marigolds, lavender, bleeding hearts, tulips, daffodils and lilies are just a few of the flowers that inspired this piece....the black on the piece represents the amazingly rich soil of my garden and the black veins of the monarch butterfly...


Penny Pitch Game Board The Big Top

The Big Top penny pitch

This is the first piece in the new circus series

"The Big Top"

19" diameter - (dart board or penny pitch)


limited edition of 10 pieces, then retired - 4 available

(if you would like to read about the inspiration behind this piece, please go to my blog 3/8/13)


Wagon Wheel Penny Pitch Game Board

Wagon Wheel penny pitch

Reproduction piece based on a design from the late 1800's, which was auctioned for $30,750.  I'm not sure what the game was so i'm listing as penny pitch and dart board.

Nice colors of bright red, gold, yellow, navy and black.


limited edition of 10

6 available at this time